The Future of Things

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The Future of Things
Designing Social-Cyber-Physical Experiences
Ebook Available 2017
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About the book:

The Future of Things looks at how things implicitly dictate our behaviours through the way we interact with them. Our daily script evolves around their use and experience, be they transportation things, edible things, readable things or wearable things. More importantly, things enable as well as restrict us in terms of how much freedom we have in the scripting of our daily lives.

In this book, Irene Ng examines how technology is beginning to change things. Where things were physical before, many are now digital, from simple boarding passes to magazines and music. Where physicality is still essential – take tea, for instance – information about things is leaking everywhere; its nutritional value, calorie content, where it is produced, even where it’s consumed. Where there is a need to control, a thing can be remotely connected with us e.g. smart homes and doorbells. And where communication between people is necessary, things can be our proxies to create social spaces on the Internet e.g. our phones and tablets.

This book delivers profound insights into how the world of changing things is also transforming us. Irene argues that the type of society to which we wish to belong is inherently shaped by the things we make. She discusses the challenges facing a world accustomed to creating physical things, now having to grapple with the design of social-cyber-physical experiences. These new experiences could spawn different ways of transacting, creating new channels of revenues in new spaces.

How do organisations prepare for this new world? How can they understand what is fundamentally driving the markets, behaviours and demand for future things?

Irene Ng’s fourth book provides insights and recommendations for firms to innovate on the manufacturing business model in an era of digitisation and connectivity that can open up markets for a freer society. It illustrates how socialisation, cyber spaces and physicality interact to create meaning for individuals through the experience of things, and suggests concrete steps as to how firms that manufacture physical products can evolve and transform their offerings for the future.

About the author:

Irene CL Ng is Professor of Marketing and Service Systems, and Director of the Institute of Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI) at WMG, University of Warwick. She is also the Chief Economist of HAT Data Exchange Ltd (HATDeX). In writing this book, Irene draws from extensive research in the transdisciplinary understanding of value in service systems, as well as from 16 years of experience as an entrepreneur.
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