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Ebook Available 2017
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About the book:

The Future of Things looks at how things implicitly dictate our behaviours through the way we interact with them. Our daily script evolves around their use and experience, be they transportation things, edible things, readable things or wearable things. More importantly, things enable as well as restrict us in terms of how much freedom we have in the scripting of our daily lives. Read more

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Print edition published by Cambridge University Press

About the book:

Today’s world is dominated by rapid technological developments, constantly changing the way we live, learn, communicate and interact, and impacting the way we use objects and services to help us achieve our outcomes. By acquiring objects and technologies, we have become better at solving problems, often living our lives more efficiently and effectively. We are tooled and resourced up, empowered to achieve much more than we have ever been able to do so before. Read more

About the author:

Irene CL Ng is Professor of Marketing and Service Systems, and Director of the Institute of Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI) at WMG, University of Warwick. She is also the Chief Economist of HAT Data Exchange Ltd (HATDeX). In writing this book, Irene draws from extensive research in the transdisciplinary understanding of value in service systems, as well as from 16 years of experience as an entrepreneur.
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