About Us:

Innovorsa Ltd is a pre-incubation company that conducts research and experiments on new offerings. We partner with academics to commercialise research and technology through market testing, pilots, and other proofs of concept, often building and experimenting with new business models and platforms in live commercial environments. We develop tools, methods, prototypes and demonstrators. Once an offering is able to demonstrate its viability, we prepare it for full commercialisation and scaling up either through startup spin-offs or in partnership with our various industrial partners.

Current projects:

AXIOS: a software tool for assessing customer co-creating capability for equipment-based service contracts: demonstrator complete, proof of concept successful, currently in product development with Rolls Royce PLC

Hub-of-all-things (H.A.T.): a home hub as a multi-sided market platform to emerge new services and business models in the home): at research stage

Publishing & knowledge platform: seeĀ "value & worth: creating new markets in the digital economy": live deployment, experimental stage

Innomake – An ideation methodology for innovating andĀ 'innomaking' new value-based offerings and constructing scenarios for radical changes to business models: at tool development stage

Service Transformation Tool (STT): A tool for co-capability assessment and stability of partnered contracts: at tool development stage

For more information, please email admin@innovorsa.com